Shane Presnell

Hello! I am in Advanced Web Design. I am learning coding, I know a lot about art and I love opossums, clearly.

I love opossums.

Opossum Page
Extra Small Opossum

I greatly enjoy art. See my favorite artists/animators to the right! Vewn, Jonni Phillips and Deadly Comics.

Vewn on Youtube Jonni Phillips on Youtube DeadlyComics on Youtube
Heathers Movie Poster Spy Kids Movie Poster 3d Saul Goodman

My Favorite Pieces of Media

Movies: Heathers, Spy Kids, all those things

Shows: I am on my 8th rewatch of Better Call Saul and NOBODY CAN STOP ME!

Here are some silly cats.

Extra small opossum Extra small opossum Extra small opossum