Lee's Summit North
Our Academic Legacy

What is a Legacy?

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A Legacy is something passed down through the generations. It is what people will remember our school by. So, it is important to remember and celebrate the achievements of our students from all the years our school has been open. The academic work of our students impacts the generations to come, giving them something to strive for.

Academic Achievement

At Lee's Summit North, we take pride in our students. That is why we decided to honor their achievements. On these pages you will find the Valedictorian, and the Salutatorian, along with the rest of the top one percent of the graduating year. You will also be able to find the NHS president and a list of the IB Diploma Recipients of the year. Along with a list of those students that scored as high as they could on the IB Exam or AP Exam, those scores being 7s and 5s respectably. You can also find the student that have earned a variety of scholarly awards, and those students that scored at least a 31 on the ACT or higher than 2290 on the SAT.